Whether you own a thriving website or you’re looking to start a new one, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Hostinger before. This web hosting company boasts a client base of almost 30 million. The provider proudly displays its membership numbers, including their ability to gain over 10,000 new customers every single day.

Hostinger had relatively humble beginnings. It was started in Lithuania with an entirely different name and focused on providing free hosting services without advertising. At the time, this was incredibly rare in the industry. As a result, the company gained a lot of popularity before it was ever known as “Hostinger.”

The current moniker was adopted in 2011 when the provider shifted toward a paid service model. While Hostinger is relatively new, that hasn’t stopped them from becoming a powerhouse in the web hosting industry. In less than a decade, Hostinger has gained a solid reputation for being one of the best and most affordable options for UK-based website owners.

In this Hostinger review, we’re going to see if this reputation is well-deserved. Web hosting can either make or break your website. Pricing alone should not be your deciding factor when you’re choosing a provider to work with. If you want your site to be a success, you need to examine everything that a company has to offer. So, let’s see how Hostinger stacks up!

What Hostinger Does Well

There are good reasons why Hostinger has grown so rapidly in the last decade. The company has done a great job at providing businesses, bloggers, and Internet entrepreneurs with the features they need. Plus, they have continued to stay on the pulse of trends and changes in the industry. Here are some areas in which Hostinger excels.

Reliable Uptimes

Hostinger does a superb job when it comes to uptimes. Currently, they offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee per month. In web hosting, uptimes refer to how often the servers are operational. While most web hosting providers strive to keep their uptime percentage as high as possible, not all of them can live up to that promise. Thankfully, Hostinger goes to great lengths to keep the servers in good condition. All servers are monitored and have multiple fail-safes. Plus, the company performs daily and weekly backups just in case.

Not only that, but the company uses predictive monitoring to stay on top of potential issues. In many cases, problems can be resolved before they start to cause downtime. As if that wasn’t enough, Hostinger has a disaster recovery system. If serious damage to your site occurs, the company can restore it using a snapshot in only a few minutes. This is a great perk that can provide peace of mind to any website owner or business.

One thing that we appreciate about this provider is how transparent they are. We have to give respect where it’s due. You can check on server statuses in real-time. All of this information is available to the public. There’s even a public incident log that details any problems that occur and how they are solved. All of this information is readily available on hostinger.com. You don’t have to be an active member to see it.

As for that uptime guarantee, the company is so confident in their capabilities that they even offer account credits. In the Hosting Agreement, it states that a 5 percent credit of the monthly hosting fee is offered if the company is not able to maintain the uptime guarantee in any given month. The fact that Hostinger is so transparent and willing to include that credit in the agreement says a lot about their dedication and capabilities.

Fast Connection Speeds

Connection speeds are crucial to the success of a website. People aren’t going to wait on a site that takes forever to load. Poor performance affects the overall user experience, which can affect technical SEO and decrease your chances of growth. Having a hosting provider that can give you consistently fast speeds is a must-have.

The industry standard for load times is approximately 890 milliseconds. In many tests and user reviews, Hostinger regularly beats that standard. Not just by a little either. In most cases, the load times were twice as fast as the industry standard.

There are a few ways that Hostinger achieves this. First, the servers in the backend are all optimized for better performance. The provider uses a multi-tier caching system. Essentially, your site’s content is stored on fast-access memory. When someone visits your site, some of the dynamic content is loaded in from the fast-access memory system rather than the physical server. This process is particularly efficient with WordPress sites, which can experience load times that are 10x faster than normal. Secondly, Hostinger uses PHP and HTTP. As a result, it can process up to 3x more requests per second that providers that don’t.

High-Tech Data Centers

Despite the low prices that Hostinger has to offer, the company has many advanced data centers around the world. Currently, there are centers located in seven different regions. They include the UK, US, Singapore, and more. Where the data centers are located is important, especially for UK-based sites. While devices use wireless technology to transmit information, the Internet still operates on physical cables. So, distance can affect connections speeds.

Internet users who try to access a site that’s stored on a server on the other side of the world are going to experience slower load times that people who are close by. If you primarily target UK audiences, the UK data centers will benefit you greatly. Even if you want to reach a wide global audience, Hostinger has you covered.

Cloudflare is available on all accounts. Cloudflare is a CDN, or content delivery network. This network stores cached versions of your site for easy access. Essentially, it expands the global server network significantly. If a user is trying to access your site from a distant region, they’ll connect to the nearest CDN node instead of the main server. As a result, they won’t experience slow load times.

Solid-State Disk Space

Another feature that affects connection speeds is the hard drive of the server. In the past, traditional spinner hard drives were commonplace. While they’re still used today, many providers have made the switch to solid-state drives, or SSDs. Hostinger is one of those providers. SSDs offer significantly faster data transfer speeds. This is because they utilize flash memory instead of spinning disks.

Not only are they more effective, but they tend to be more reliable as well. Since there are no spinning components, there are fewer parts that could fail. All of Hostinger’s shared hosting plans utilize SSD storage.

Unlimited Bandwidth Available

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that’s being transferred to and from the server. To view content on a website, computers have to download a bit of data from the servers. So, each visitor uses up a small amount of bandwidth. If you surpass a provider’s bandwidth cap for the month, they could throttle your connection speeds or prevent any future access. Needless to say, having a high bandwidth allotment is crucial for continued success on the web.

Hostinger offers unlimited bandwidth for its higher-tier hosting plans. This is becoming more common within the hosting industry, as digital media is getting larger and larger. However, not all companies have adopted unlimited or unmetered bandwidth caps just yet. It’s good to know that you can experience spikes in traffic without having to worry about performance issues with Hostinger.

Intuitive Website Builder

Getting a solid hosting plan is only one step of the process to get a site up and running. You also have to design it! Hostinger offers a free website builder on all of their hosting plans. While it’s not as detailed as some other options out there, it’s certainly capable of creating a beautiful site that you will be proud to show off.

The website builder is built with user-friendliness in mind. You don’t have to have any coding experience to use it. The drag-and-drop interface lets you take full control of how your site looks. You can customize it how you want and create a finished product in only a few minutes. For even faster results, you can use the many available templates.

One cool thing about the website builder is that it’s optimized for mobile devices as well. Let’s face it, browsing on the go is more popular than ever thanks to the advanced equipment we have at our disposal. Creating a mobile-friendly site is crucial. Hostinger’s website builder lets you do that. The site that you create will automatically translate to mobile devices. Whether people use their smartphones or large tablets to check your site out, it’ll look great.

Free Domains Available

With the higher-tier plans, you get one free domain for a year. This is a great way to save some money on your launch costs. Hostinger offers this perk to help draw in new entry-level users who are looking to save. The company is a certified ICANN member, so you can rest assured that the registrar services they provide are legitimate.

The free domain name is only good for new members and applies to a single name. Once your first year is up, you’ll have to start paying for renewal fees. If you need more than one domain, you will have to purchase the extras domains at full price. Luckily, Hostinger’s domain prices are relatively affordable compared to some of its competitors.

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a must-have these days. People are more conscious about vulnerabilities in security than ever before. Having an SSL certificate shows Internet users that their information is protected when they access your site.

With an SSL certificate, the connection between the hosting server and your visitor’s computer is encrypted. This can prevent data breaches, privacy issues, and more.

User-Friendly Control Panel

Hostinger uses its own proprietary control panel, dubbed the “hPanel.” The system is very easy to use. While it’s not the standard control panel that most people are used to, you shouldn’t have any problems getting the hang of things. The hPanel features large icons and easy-to-read labels. There are also various menus to make navigation a breeze.

The hPanel will be your central control hub of the entire hosting service. You’ll be able to monitor your emails, manage your domain names, make changes to your billing information and much more. Everything you need is in the panel, so it’s nice that Hostinger designed it to be as user-friendly as possible.

Optimized for WordPress and Other CMS

Hostinger doesn’t have a dedicated WordPress hosting plan. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the WordPress platform or other content management systems. The service provider makes it very easy to implement the ecosystems that you’re familiar with. One-click auto installers for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more are available.

Within the control panel, you can also take advantage of your favorite scripts and plugins. WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS in the world. It’s estimated that there are over 75 million sites using WordPress on the Internet. That’s because it’s versatile and doesn’t require a ton of complex coding knowledge to use.

Hostinger takes everything that makes WordPress so great and expands on it. Not only are there installers to get your site up and running in minutes, but the service itself is optimized for the platform. According to the website, WordPress sites run up to 50 percent faster thanks to the SSD storage and performance upgrades.

Great Customer Service

If you ever run into any issues with your hosting service or website, customer support can mean the difference between a quick fix and significant downtime. Not every hosting provider puts money into the technical support department. In fact, many cheaper hosting providers fall short due to cost-cutting measures. Hostinger’s support system is very reliable. Even with the low prices, they manage to offer 24-hour support.

The company has a multilingual support team, which comes in handy considering that they have customers from all over the world. There are a few ways to get help when you need. You can use the site’s ticketing system, shoot the support team an email, or use live chat. The live chat function is powered by Intercom, which is praised for its effectiveness.

Response times after you initiate a chat are pretty quick. In most instances, it only takes a minute or so thanks to the team’s round-the-clock availability. The great thing about the Intercom system is that it’s not limited to just messages. The support staff can send you screenshots and detailed guides to help you get a better understanding of the problem you’re facing.

If you want to try and address issues on your own, there is a knowledge base on www.hostinger.com. It includes helpful step-by-step guides, tutorials, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Disadvantages of Hostinger

Hosting reviews aren’t complete without taking a look at some of the negative aspects of a provider. Hostinger has a lot to love. The company offers low prices with great performance features. That said, the service isn’t perfect. There are some notable disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Not every issue is going to be a dealbreaker for you. The key to determining if Hostinger is right for you is to think about how the following problems can affect the way you use the service.

Support Limitations

Earlier, we mentioned that the customer service department is one of Hostinger’s strong suits. That remains to be true. However, there are some things that could be improved. One of those is the availability of the live chat feature. You can connect to live chat support around the clock, but only if you’re a member and have an active hosting account.

To initiate a chat, you must log in to the website. Thus, you can’t use the chat feature to ask questions about the service before you buy a plan. This could be a bit problematic if you want to learn more about migration services or terms in the contract.

Another issue is the lack of phone support. Some of Hostinger’s biggest competitors offer 24-hour phone support for members to speak to a real person. Hostinger hasn’t jumped on that bandwagon just yet, which is a shame.

Doesn’t Use cPanel

Hostinger is one of the few companies that uses its own control panel interface. Most use cPanel. The cPanel system has been used for over two decades and continues to be the go-to choice because of its ease of use. Because it’s used by most hosting companies, webmasters become very familiar with the platform. If you are used to using cPanel, you might not like Hostinger’s hPanel.

hPanel is not a bad control panel by any means. In fact, some might argue that it has enhanced graphics and a better overall design than cPanel. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Seasoned webmasters might not like the change. Unfortunately, Hostinger doesn’t give you the option to use cPanel, so you’re stuck with the proprietary system.

Confusing Refund Policy

Hostinger touts a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is pretty standard in the industry and is very beneficial to those who want to give the service a try. If you decide that you’re not happy with what the provider has to offer, you can request a refund and move onto another service.

The refund policy at Hostinger has some specific terms that you should be aware of. For the most part, you will have no problem requesting your refund. However, there are some limitations that could limit how much money you get back.

According to the terms of the agreement, certain fees are non-refundable even if you make the request within the 30-day period. These include redemption fees, domain name renewals, the price of Privacy Protection features, SEO toolkit fees, and the cost of G suite,

You can request a refund on your domain registration. However, you must cancel the order very quickly. Refunds can only be granted if it’s canceled and processed within four days, not 30.

Also, Hostinger does not provide refunds at all if you paid with cryptocurrency. According to Hostinger, this policy is due to the constant fluctuations in exchange rates. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve requested the refund within the appropriate time frame, the company will not process it if you paid with a cryptocurrency like bitcoin. This information can be found in the refund policy text. Unfortunately, it’s not displayed on the payment page, which could lead to a big surprise for some users later on. If you pay with PayPal or one of the accepted credit cards, you should be fine.

Daily Backups Limited to More Expensive Plans

All of Hostinger’s hosting plans have a lot to offer website owners. However, daily backups are reserved for the most expensive shared hosting plan. Backups can prove to be very useful if you encounter any issues. Typically, the backup system is automatic to provide you with peace of mind. If you run into any trouble, you can simply restore your site with one of those backups to decrease your downtime. It’s great that backups are offered. We just wish that it was standard across the board.

Hostinger Hosting Plans

As with any other web hosting service provider, Hostinger offers a range of services to meet anyone’s needs. Currently, the provider has three different types of services available. Within each category, there are multiple plans as well.

What you’ll get with your service plan varies based on the tier. You may also encounter different pricing options depending on the length of your term. At Hostinger, you can get significant savings if you choose to pay for many months in advanced

Shared Hosting Plans

The most basic plans offered by Hostinger are shared plans. Essentially, your site is stored on the same web servers as the sites of many other account holders. The resources of that server are shared among all of the sites it holds. These plans are great for individuals or small businesses. They’re incredibly affordable yet provide you with all the features you need to get started, such as one-click installs, unlimited email, access to the hPanel, and so much more.

Single Web Hosting Plan

With the Single shared hosting plan, you can host a single site. Storage and bandwidth are a bit limited. You get 10 GB of disk space and 100 GB of bandwidth. You also get only one MySQL database, one email account, and one FTP account. However, you do have access to all of the great extras, such as the website builder, caching system, file manager, and more.


£9.59 per month
£2.34 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £28.08 per year
£1.69 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £40.56 every two years
£0.99 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £47.52 every four years

Premium Web Hosting Plan

The Premium shared hosting plan adds significant value. You get twice the processing power as the Single plan. Plus, it includes 100 websites, 20 GB of disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. At this Premium plan tier, you’re also getting a free domain for the first year, 100 subdomains, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited FTP accounts.


£14.49 per month
£4.49 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £53.88 per year
£3.49 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £83.76 every two years
£2.59 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £124.32 every four years

Business Web Hosting Plan

As the highest tier for standard web hosting, this Business shared hosting plan offers the most resources. It includes 30 GB of storage space and four times the processing power as the single plan. This business plan also has the added perk of daily backups and Cloudflare protection.


£19.99 per month
£7.59 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £91.08 per year
£5.79 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £138.96 every two years
£4.49 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £215.52 every four years

Cloud Hosting Plans

If you need more resources and better performance, you can upgrade to a cloud hosting plan. These Hostinger plans are great for large-scale projects. With shared hosting, your site is stored on a single physical server. With cloud hosting, your data is spread throughout servers across the globe.

The great thing about cloud hosting is that it’s completely scalable. Since you’re not limited to the confines of a physical server, you can add resources as you see fit. Plus, you have greater control over how your site performs.

Each cloud hosting plan comes with the ability to host up to 300 sites. All of the resources are also completely isolated, ensuring that your site’s performance isn’t affected by others. You can also take advantage of the free dedicated IP address, daily backups, and free SSL certificate.

Business Startup Hosting Plan

This plan comes with 40 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 3 GB of RAM memory. The cloud servers use 2 CPU cores for fast performance as well.


£29.00 per month
£12.95 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £155.40 per year
£9.95 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £238.80 every two years
£7.45 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £375.60 every four years

Business Professional Plan

The Business Professional cloud hosting plan uses 4 CPU cores. Thus, it offers twice the processing power as the previous option. This plan also has twice the storage space at 80 GB and 6 GB of RAM.


£58.00 per month
£22.95 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £275.40 per year
£17.95 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £430.80 every two years
£14.95 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £717.60 every four years

Business Enterprise Plan

With 6 CPU cores, you can take advantage of three times the speed as the most affordable cloud hosting plan. This tier also includes 160 GB of disk space and 12 GB of RAM.


£130.00 per month
£45.95 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £551.40 per year
£35.95 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £862.80 every two years
£27.45 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £1,317.60 every four years

VPS Hosting Plans

The final type of hosting that Hostinger provides is VPS hosting. VPS stands for virtual private server. It’s a great option for e-commerce websites that need greater control of their resources. With VPS hosting, your data is saved on the same physical server as other sites. However, those resources are all separated to create virtual servers that you can control.

VPS servers act a lot like dedicated servers. You can use the control panel to modify several aspects of your site’s performance. With these plans, you also get root access to the VPS and utilize some powerful equipment that can enhance performance. All plans utilize SSD storage, include an SSL certificate free of charge, and have their own dedicated IP address. Currently, Hostinger offers six different VPS plans. They are differentiated based on the number of virtual CPU cores.


Includes 1 GB of RAM, 20 GB of disk space, and 1,000 GB of bandwidth


£9.91 per month
£4.95 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £59.40 per year
£4.25 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £102.00 every two years
£3.95 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £189.60 every four years


Includes 2 GB of RAM, 40 GB of disk space, and 2,000 GB of bandwidth


£19.95 per month
£12.45 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £149.40 per year
£9.95 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £238.80 every two years
£8.95 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £429.60 every four years


Includes 3 GB of RAM, 60 GB of disk space, and 3,000 GB of bandwidth


£39.95 per month
£18.95 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £227.40 per year
£15.95 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £382.80 every two years
£12.95 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £621.60 every four years


Includes 4 GB of RAM, 80 GB of disk space, and 4,000 GB of bandwidth


£49.95 per month
£23.95 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £287.40 per year
£19.95 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £478.80 every two years
£15.95 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £765.60 every four years


Includes 6 GB of RAM, 120 GB of disk space, and 6,000 GB of bandwidth


£79.95 per month
£37.95 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £455.40 per year
£29.95 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £718.80 every two years
£23.95 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £1,149.60 every four years


Includes 8 GB of RAM, 160 GB of disk space, and 8,000 GB of bandwidth


£129.95 per month
£45.95 a month for a 12-month term, billed as £551.40 per year
£37.95 a month for a 24-month term, billed as £910.80 every two years
£29.95 a month for a 48-month term, billed as £1,437.60 every four years

Should You Try Hostinger?

It doesn’t take long to see why Hostinger is such a popular web hosting provider. The company has a powerful network of servers and uses some of the best technology around to make your site as accessible as possible. Thanks to the reliable uptimes and fast connection speeds, performance issues are a thing of the past.

We recommend that you give Hostinger a shot. There’s no shortage of affordable plans to try out. The company’s cheapest plan will only set you back 99p a month with a long-term commitment. That’s not a deal you’ll find everywhere, especially with all of the great features that Hostinger has to offer. With the provider’s money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.